Felix J. Yanovsky

Chair of Electronics Department,
Full Professor,
Ph.D (Engineering)
Ukraine State Winner (Laureate) in the field of Science & Technology
Academician of:
Applied Radio-Electronics Academy of Science
(Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine);
International Academy of Navigation and Motion Control
(Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation);
Transport Academy of Ukraine and
Electromagnetics Academy
(Cambridge, MA, USA),
IEEE Fellow

F. J. Yanovsky was born on February 7, 1946 in Kiev. He is a resident of Kiev in the third generation.

Employment. He is with the National Aviation University (NAU) from 1969, passed all teaching positions from assistant to professor, PhD, Doctor of Science (habilitated), Head of the Department. He started at the Department of Radar (Assistant, Senior Lecturer, and then Associate Professor). After 1989 reorganization of the Radio Engineering Faculty, he worked as an Associate Professor, and since 1992 as a Full Professor at the Department of Maintenance and Repair of Avionics, and in 2000 he moved to the Department of Air Navigation Systems, where he served as the Deputy Head and Full Professor. Since 2008 he is the Head of Radio Electronics Department.

In 1996 he was offered a job at the TU-Delft (Netherlands), well known European University in age-old Dutch city of Delft near The Hague and Rotterdam. According to agreement with the NAU, from 1996 to 2003, he worked at TU-Delft on average during several months of the year as a leading scientist (Top Scientist), professor at the International Research Center of Telecommunications and Radar (IRCTR) and the Department of Radar and Remote Sensing at TU-Delft.

In 1998 - 2000 he was actively involved in the creation of ICAO Sub-Regional Training Center at NAU and was its first Director (part-time).

Being involved actively in research activity over the years, F. J. Yanovsky worked with various companies of electronic industry in the former Soviet Union and the Ukraine, in particular, he was a Leading Researcher (part-time) in the Service of Chief Designer of Kiev State Research Institute "Buran" (2004 - 2006), and still he remains a member of the Scientific and Technical Council of this enterprise.

Education. In 1968, he graduated (with Honors) from the Radio Engineering Faculty of the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (now NAU). On the job at NAU, he prepared his PhD dissertation in Radar and Radio Navigation (supervisor - Ivan M. Baranov). The dissertation was successfully defended in 1979 in Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.

In 1992, F. J. Yanovsky has developed and defended in NAU his DSc Dissertation in Operation of Air Transport, more exactly, Aviation Radio-Meteorology, so, he became one of the first Doctors of Science approved by Supreme Certification Commission (SSC) of independent Ukraine. In 1993, he defended his second dissertation on the DSc degree, this time in Radar and Radio Navigation, that was defended at the specialized council in the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation. Thus, he received his second DSc degree. This time his DSc Diploma was issued by the SSC of Russian Federation.

Academic titles: Associate Professor (in the Department of Radar), 1983, and Full Professor (Department of Maintenance and Repair of Avionics), 1994.

Research activity is related to the problems of radar, remote sensing, signal processing, and adaptive measurement of atmospheric electricity. He participated in the development of avionics, in particular digital airborne navigation and meteorological radar of new generation. These works have been awarded the State Prize of Ukraine. He was one of the first in Ukraine who proposed the use of polarimetric techniques for meteorological and other kinds of radars. He developed the theoretical basis of localization zones weather hazards, methods of localization and the parameter estimates. Prof. Yanovsky created the theory, mathematical models, methods of coherent polarimetric radar in respect to surveillance of dangerous meteorological formations, signal processing algorithms, and principles of the relevant devices and systems. He developed a spectral-polarimetric method for remote sensing of natural phenomena and objects. His research results and inventions have been used in Ukraine, Russia and the Netherlands.

Teaching activities. Throughout his work in NAU prof. Yanovsky developed a lot of new courses in various disciplines at the Radar Department, Department of Maintenance and Repair of Avionics, and Air Navigation Systems Department. Among them: Fundamentals of Radar; Theory of Location Systems; Radar Systems of Air Vehicles; Aerospace Imaging and Remote Sensing; Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere; Systems of Telecommunications, Navigation, and Surveillance; Basics of Scientific Research.

At the Department of Radio Electronics, he teaches the following courses: Introduction to Micro- and Nanoelectronics; Introduction to Electronic Devices and Systems; Fundamentals of Electronic Systems; Radio Electronic Systems; Vehicular Electronic Systems; Basics of Scientific Research; Fundamentals of Aviation Communications, Radar and Radionavigation (for the Department of Avionics). All disciplines are delivered in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages, depending on the adopted language teaching this group of students.

In 2000-2004, Prof. Yanovsky was invited to give lectures and participate (with his students) in the International Travelling Summer School on Microwaves & Lightwaves conducted in the framework of Joint European University Activity that was held in Moscow, Madrid, Minsk, and Warsaw. In 2011, he lectured at the International Summer School Achievements and Applications of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics at the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI". As a visiting professor he delivered the lectures at different Universities abroad: TU-Delft, The Netherlands (2002-2003), Al-Balqa Applied University / Al-Huson University College, Irbid, Jordan (2007), Hanyang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea (2008), Metrology Institute, Academy of Sciences of number 2, Beijing, China (2010), Warsaw University of Technology, Poland (2010). In 1998, a one-day workshop was held at Penn State University (University Park, PA, USA).

He was one of the initiators of innovative project in NAU on "Aviation Education in English" when all subjects are delivered in English. Since 2011, he is the Coordinator of EWENT project on the European Commission Erasmus Mundus program providing student and staff exchange between NAU and Universities of Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary.

Felix Yanovsky was the supervisor of 10 PhD holders and more than 250 Masters (MS) and Engineers. Currently he prepares to defend five PhD candidates and two Doctorates (DSc applicants).

Participation in scientific councils, societies and academies. Member of the Scientific Council of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on "The Radio Physics and Microwave Electronics", a member of the General Assembly of the European Microwave Association (EuMA) and spokesman for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in the General Assembly EuMA (2004-2007). Since 1994, member (SM) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), was elected as IEEE Fellow in 2008. Founder and the first Chairman of the Central Ukraine IEEE Joint Chapter of Aerospace and Electronic Systems (AES) and Signal Processing (SP) Societies (IEEE Ukraine SPS / AES Joint Chapter). Academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine (1994), the Academy of Electromagnetics (Cambridge, USA, 1996), the Academy of Navigation and Motion Control (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2001), and the Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine (2008).

Member of the Expert Council of Supreme Certification Commission of Ukraine (1998-2002). Member of Scientific Councils for doctoral dissertations defense at the NAU and at the State University of Information and Communication Technologies.

Organization of international conferences, editorial activity. F. Yanovsky participated in organization of many international conferences in various fields of electronics and computer technology as the Section Organizer and Chairman, Member of the Program Committees (TPC Member), and Key Speaker (in Australia, Austria, Great Britain, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, and Switzerland). He is the main organizer and Chairman of the International Conference "Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing Symposium" (MRRS) that gained world popularity. MRRS is held in NAU since 2005 every three years. The next 4th Conference is scheduled for September 2014 (MRRS-2014). Proceedings of these conferences are published in IEEE X-plore, and are reflected in Scopus, Microsoft Academic Search, etc. In addition, he organized and chaired two conferences RMSW-2010 and RMSW-2012 as a part of the International Aviation Congress at NAU.

Prof. Yanovsky F. J. is a member of editorial boards of several professional journals in Ukraine (Electronics and Control Systems, Journal of Astronomical School, Bulletin of the State University of Information and Communication Technology) and abroad: Microwave and Wireless Technology (Cambridge University Press, UK) and the Transactions of PIT (Poland). He is a reviewer of articles submitted to several IEEE journals (USA) and other international journals.

Awards. He was awarded: as the Ukraine State Prize Winner (Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine) in Science and Technology (1996); the State Medal In Memory of the 1500th Anniversary of Kiev (1983), Honorary Medal Inventor of the USSR issued by the State Committee on Inventions and Discoveries (1983), the title Honorary Radio Engineer of the USSR issued by the Ministry of Communications (1986), Veteran of the National Aviation University (2008), 75 Years of the National Aviation University, and IEEE Fellow (2008). He is the recipient of numerous International Grants.

His biography (Yanovsky, Felix J.) was published in the 16th Anniversary Edition of Who's Who in the World, released in 1999 on the centenary of this world-famous handbook, and annually in following editions. Biographical information has been also published in the handbook Who is Who in Electromagnetics (Cambridge, MA, USA) and Who's Who: Russian Edition, 8 edition.

Scientific works. He has more than 460 scientific papers and 41 invention patents.

Selected published works:

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6. F.J. Yanovsky, I.G. Prokopenko and L.P. Ligthart, Adaptive algorithms for radar detection of turbulent zones in clouds and precipitation, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol. 39, No1, 2003, pp. 357-367.

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