Electronics department
Electronics department

I. Mazek

(Leading Specialist)

He was born on April 11, 1933 in the of Malinovka village of the Novgorod region.

In 1941 from the beginning of a war when fascist armies approached to Novgorod, the family was evacuated to Krasnoyarsk Region.

There, in the city of Ingash, he went to school, and in 1951 he left secondare school 7 of the city of Kansk of Krasnoyarsk Region.

In 1951 the family returned to Novgorod.

In 1953 he was called-up into the Soviet Army and then directed to study at the Vilnius radio engineering school of the country air defense which left with honors in 1956 and was directed for service in armies.

Held a position of the technician of radar station. In 1959 he entered the Kiev institute of engineers of civil aviation on a correspondence department and in 1965 graduated from it.

Till 1983 he served in the Kiev highest radio engineering school of air defense of the country (at first on the position of junior scientific employee in the scientific-reseach laboratory, and then as a senior assistant of the chief of educational department of school).

During service in the Soviet Army he was awarded by a number of medals of the Minister of Defence of the USSR and commander of air defense army for exemplary performance of his serrice duty.

In December, 1983 he was transferred from the Soviet Army to the reserve on age.

In January, 1984 he entered to work on radio electronics department.

He has a number of published scientific works in a co-authorship (about 20) and the author's patent for the invention which was shown on Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy USSR also it was awarded a silver medal.