Electronics department
Electronics department

Head of Department

Felix J.Yanovsky

Professor, PhD, DSc,
IEEE Fellow

Dear friends!

A time of the next admission to the University is approaching.

I mean the admission to the first year first of all.

While we try to work with applicants and their parents throughout the year, but, nevertheless, every year we enter with excitement during this period. Depending on what will be the quality of students who will be accepted to our first year, depends very much: the quality of future graduates, and the further development of our department, the institute, and the entire University, and therefore our lives over the next five years, and climate in our scientific and pedagogical team. However the main thing is that this is connected with the future of our country, the Ukraine.

Ukraine still maintains rather high scientific-engineering and pedagogical potential, which is represented quite adequately by the striking personalities who are the staff of Electronics Department of NAU; you'll see it yourself. Now is the time of great change in the life of the country. And you should be well prepared for new conditions in the period of your active work. And our job is to transfer our knowledge and experience to you, our dear potential students.

National Aviation University, seeking to justify our steady reputation as one of the flagships of higher education, improves constantly the curricula; in the educational process new modern profession are introduced.

This year, we conduct admission of applicants for training on Bachelor program (four years) in two areas of preparation:

1. Micro-and Nanoelectronics
2. Electronic Devices and Systems

Graduates of high schools and other educational institutions of the same level who graduated both this year and previous years, may enter to NAU onto the first year. Graduates of technical schools (colleges) and similar educational institutions of corresponding profile can be taken directly to second year, and sometimes even to third year. In addition, we recruit Bachelors to the 5th year for training to get Masters (six years) for the following two specialties:

1. Physical and Biomedical Electronics
2. Electronic Systems

For more information about these areas of training and courses can be found in the relevant sections of our website menu (see "For Enttants").

In this introduction, I would like to emphasize that any intellectual work in all modern professions, any research are done with help of modern computer technology, which our students are thoroughly assimilated during the learning process; and this assimilation concerns user-level and professional-level, that is, our graduating student is both a programmer and an expert on the hardware components of modern computer technology.

All of the most outstanding achievements in the field of computers and electronics now connected with the development of microelectronics. Microprocessors and personal computers, robots and space communications equipment, video equipment, and intelligent control system - all this is created by experts in the field of microelectronics on the basis of modern integrated circuits. Therefore, our graduates work successfully not only in the establishment and maintenance of modern biomedical equipment and electronic systems for various applications (including automotive, aviation electronics and banking electronics), but also computerized control systems, instrumentation, telecommunication, cryptography and information security, network and data on the basis of modern microprocessors, microcontrollers, programmable logic integrated circuits.

Excellent computer training, good skills in English and sufficient physical and mathematical background, which is associated with the modeling of physical effects in micro-and nanoelectronic structures, as well as knowledge of electronic circuitry allow graduates to adapt easily to different conditions and ensure success in any skilled work.

At the Department of Electronics are all conditions for high quality student learning, developing their creativity and abilities in the students' scientific society that will allow future professionals to express themselves in any team in Ukraine and in other countries as has been proved in practice.

We invite you to study for modern, forward looking and very interesting specialties:

- 6.050801 - Micro-and Nanoelectronics
- 6.050802 - Electronic Devices and Systems

Education is possible in the groups with the Ukrainian or English language learning (student's choice).

Sincerely, F. Yanovsky

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